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SL border control gets new software


Border control management from the Immigration and Emigration Department (IED) would be handled by deploying new software to ensure all checks are in place to identify who travels in and out of Sri Lanka.All entry and exit processes handled by the department would in the future be provided a safety net through improved border control management following the use of a new software system introduced by Informatics Holdings, the company’s Group Managing Director Hiran Wickramasinghe said in an interview with the Business Times.

Some of the key features involve monitoring people’s movements both locals and foreigners at points of entry and exit and the ability to track blacklisted persons both locally and internationally with links to the Interpol as well.The new software system developed for the local border control department is capable of tracking stolen and lost documents, it was stated.

He noted that foreigners would be profiled in the future upon entry into Sri Lanka in a bid to ensure that they had not overstayed on previous visits to the country.About four mobile devices would be imported from Singapore by the department to ensure an ease of operation for providing onboard clearance of cruise vessel passengers, Mr. Wickramasinghe said.

He explained that this system involves obtaining all required information of the passengers while onboard and travelling that would then be transmitted via satellite connections to the Immigration Department.In addition, printing of visa stickers and labels would be provided in the future with a barcode feature detailing the relevant information of the individual, he said.

A business intelligence system would be deployed to ascertain those travelling to Colombo for business purposes but arriving on tourist visas. These persons would be tracked in future, the software specialists said. The new system would provide immigration officials information to analyse those frequently visiting the country, places, airlines� that could be vital for logistics in order to run a query, the company said.

A dashboard providing details of persons entering the country would be made available for immigration officials on the new system enabling them to obtain a quick overview of happenings while they were away from their desks, he explained.In the future the system would be further developed to capture information on finger prints through the biometrics system as well, he said.

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