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Govt. getting stronger, UNP getting weaker

Barring a minor glitch, the take off from the Bandaranaike International Airport for President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Wednesday morning was smooth. The glitch came when two passengers, earlier living in the north, refused to be body searched during security checks. One, now a British passport holder yielded and another, a female chose not to take the flight.
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In the making of a writ fit for a king

My dear JR,

I thought I must write to you not only because it would have been your one hundred and fourth birth anniversary had you been around still, but also because there is a lot of talk about you these days, all because of the Constitution you masterminded some thirty two years ago.

The Economic Analysis
Investment key to economic growth
Investment is the key determinant of economic growth. This is one fundamental economic principle that is never flouted. Whatever the economic system and policies are this iron law of economics prevails. However investment itself is determined by many conditions and factors that are not only economic.
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Focus on Rights
Fractured constitution making and our unhappy fate
This is a period of fractured constitution making and dangerously subversive amendments aimed at a virtual constitutional dictatorship notwithstanding the cynical arguments of some apologists for the 18th Amendment. These apologists would like us to believe that these are all mere straws in the wind and that Sri Lanka’s democratic traditions would be strong enough to withstand the pressures of illiberal rule.
Talk at the Cafe Spectator
Air Farce after farce
The Ministry of Defence has issued a directive to the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) that the minimum qualification for recruitment of cadet pilots should be a pass in GCE (Advanced Level) as before and not GCE (OL). It has also ordered the cancellation of the latest intake of cadets -- an issue that generated a serious controversy.
Column by Lasanda Kurukulasuriya
Till death do us party
Ranil: “I say Karu I want to hold a meeting. Now can you get these people together? We have to act fast, otherwise we’ll be out of jobs … err … I mean, the party must be saved.
Karu: “Yes yes Ranil, we have to get the party reforms into place quickly. The report is ready.”
Ranil: “WHAT?? I told you to delay it by another six months! What do you mean the report is ready?? Now they’ll be asking to implement the reforms and I will get kicked out!”


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