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Throne set for King Mahendra

"Cake eka genna" (Bring the cake) intoned President Mahinda Rajapaksa when last Monday's cabinet meeting ended. "Today is a special day," he told his ministers gathered at 'Temple Trees' for an even more special event - examine the changes to the Constitution. Rajapaksa said it was Minister Tissa Vitharana's 76th birthday. One of the Trotskyite Lanka Sama Samaja Party (LSSP) leaders now, Vitharana, Minister for Technology and Research, cut the cake and helped himself to the first piece. It was only the second piece that he offered to Rajapaksa amidst clapping, laughter and a chorus of best wishes.
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Don’t believe that we believe you

“Thaaththa,” Bindu Udagedera said, “I think we have found a solution to all the legal problems in the country...”
“Why do you say that, Bindu?” Bindu’s father Percy wanted to know.
“Why thaaththa, isn’t there a large number of cases that have been going on for years and years resulting in a massive backlog?” Bindu asked.

The Economic Analysis
Tourism on the move: Don’t kill geese that lay golden eggs
The revival of the tourist industry is one of the significant economic advantages of peace. Tourist arrivals have increased sharply up to now this year and there is every expectation that this trend would continue. What must be prevented are government measures that could hamper tourism.
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Focus on Rights
Oh, what a circus, what a show…
There is a certain bitter irony over the weeping and wringing of hands indulged in by some this week in respect of what the draft 18th Amendment to Sri Lanka's Constitution seeks to do to the country's constitutional structures.
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Not to court, but to Singapore
In that capacity, he was the authority vested with the responsibility for procuring the Army's ordnance needs. When he retired, with then Lt. Gen. Fonseka's blessings, Maj. Gen.(retd.) Thoradeniya served a stint as Chairman of the State-owned Petroleum Corporation.
Column by Lasanda Kurukulasuriya
The 18th Amendment- and other travesties of our time
In the days ahead President Rajapaksa is set to stage yet another political coup that will leave his opponents in greater disarray than ever before. Of course the spadework has already been done, as the lawmakers prepare for a travesty of a debate to take place on Sept 8.


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