Ring of fire to hover over Jaffna

Eclipses have fascinated humans through recorded history, and astrologers in Lanka have imagined two planets "rahu" and "ketu" being the head and tail of a mythical dragon to explain them. An eclipse of the Sun, is one of those spectacular displays of nature you must watch in your lifetime.

Although there are at least two solar eclipses each year somewhere on earth, they are however rare in any particular location, since the central path is less than about 250 km wide. But come January 15, 2010, those in northern Sri Lanka will be able to see another solar eclipse.

Do-it-yourself bungalow between sea and river

“The waiter opened the bottle and served the wine to my wife without inviting me to taste it first,” said a Sri Lankan friend, describing an experience he had in one of Colombo’s leading five-star hotels.

“And they didn’t bring the birthday cake I had ordered in advance as a surprise for her.” It is because of the bad attention he has received in hotels masquerading as five star in facilities but unable to deliver knowledgeable, five star service, that my friend decided to try self-catering for his own birthday celebration.

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Ring of fire to hover over Jaffna
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