Political Column
Victory parade and diplomatic charade

The glamour and glitter of a military parade at the Galle Face Green on Wednesday evoked the sentiments of two different generations in two different ways.

5th Column
A bouquet from the masses for laying down the law
My Dear See Jay,
The Economic Analysis
The peace dividend: Realistic expectations not excessive optimism is needed
With the end of the war it is quite natural to be optimistic about the country’s future, especially the nation’s economic prospects.
Not issued with this week
Focus on Rights
Losing faith in the ideal of democracy
It is perhaps the most unpalatable of truths that losing faith in an ideal is even more dangerous to a country's spirit and to an individual's conscience than actual loss of lives. After thirty years of active conflict and at this most crucial juncture in our history, have we (paradoxically) become the most vulnerable to shrugging aside the ideal of a functioning democracy and along with it, our reliance on constitutional forms of governance and the Rule of Law?
Inside the glass house
Dealing with nuclear North Korea: The dietary way

The stories emanating from the hermetically-sealed North Korea are the stuff of diplomatic legends. Described as one of the world's most closed societies, North Korea has always remained a political enigma.

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