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As Lanka celebrates, Govt. faces war with the West

Please tell them my patience is running out. Let them not think I am a weak leader. I will meet up with any challenge they pose. If that happens, it can be their end.

5th Column
You gave it your all and showed them ‘we can’
My dear soldier,
The Economic Analysis
New minibrand economic diplomacy
We have witnessed some of the strangest exercises in diplomacy touching the economy of the country. First, it was British, second it was American. Miliband of Britain and Clinton of US attempted to use the IMF decision on lending to Sri Lanka as a tool to stop the war against the terrorists that has now been won.
A rare show of unity resounds in the House
For a Parliament attuned to hearing more bad news than good, the declaration on Tuesday by President Mahinda Rajapaksa that the country was now free from terrorism, was received with loud applause from both government and opposition legislators.
Focus on Rights
Putting our own house in order
This week, one of the more absurd spectacles that I was unfortunately privy to was the sight of a portly and pompous gentleman apparently representing a 'Sinhala Association' overseas, who when interviewed on a foreign news channel, held forth on his version as to why the Tamils in Sri Lanka had been agitating for increased rights during the past three decades.
Inside the glass house
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