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Prince Sapumal becomes powerful

When in South India, Aryachakravarti had met the Commander of Vijayanagar. He would have also asked for help, to regain his kingdom. They would have even promised to invade the North of Lanka. In an inscription that he had been instrumental in putting up, it is said that 'Singaya' (Jaffna) and 'Anuraya' (Anuradhapura) were conquered. If it were true, they have not been able to consolidate their power for long.

Sri Lanka's largest social security scheme is set up

Why most prefer to join the Public (Government) Service is for security. While their salaries are not as high as those working in the Private Sector, the security comes in the form of a pension after retirement. That means a fair share of the salary one earns just before retirement (either at 55 or 60 years) is paid until that person dies, as a monthly pension.

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