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The Lord who hunted the Aryans

Fighting valiantly, Prince Sapumal was able to crush whatever force that he faced. As he advanced, the enemy soldiers who were losing were retreating to Jaffna. Prince Sapumal, went as far as Jaffna. By this time, the capital city of Aryachakravarti was defended by a huge army. They were adopting all possible strategies. Prince Sapumal, had to wage a fierce battle there, as there were some clever warriors in Aryachakravarti's army.

The quest for the right song

A country's national flag and the national anthem are symbols of that country's pride. They illustrate the people's patriotism and represent its sovereignty and independence. When a country is under the domination of a foreign power, these are not given any priority. When we were under the British, we flew the Union Jack, Britain's national flag, and sang the British national anthem, 'God Save the King (or Queen). '

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