Political Column
Battle moves from New York to Wanni

It was a week where the Government was engaged in wars on two different fronts. The latest one is the diplomatic war fought this week thousands of miles away, in the Big Apple or New York. Instead of artillery or multi-barrel rockets, this was with the use of words and deeds.

5th Column
Rant and rave as much as you want, nothing will sway us!
“Thaaththa,” Bindu Udagedera asked, “what is all this fuss about fuel prices?”
Situation Report
Critical phase of Eelam War IV begins this week

Troops now on the doorstep of Tiger guerrilla strongholds in the Wanni carried out a series of probes into their enemy positions this week. This was whilst directing artillery fire at their targets.

Thoughts from London
Genuine concern or ruse to interfere
Mention R2P, the international shorthand for Responsibility to Protect and people blow hot and cold. In Sri Lanka it would be mainly hot. Particularly so after former Australian foreign minister Gareth Evans’ Neelan Tiruchelvam Memorial Lecture last year when he introduced R2P to a Sri Lankan audience as head of the International Crisis Group that is in the forefront of the advocacy of this concept.
The Economic Analysis
Great expectations on controlling inflation
The decline in prices of oil has raised hopes of bringing down inflation to a single digit level from its current level of over 20 per cent.
Pot-Purri in the House; MPs bristle over fuel and privilege
The ‘fuel price’ was the burning issue in the House this week, with heated arguments and accusations from the main opposition UNP and JVP MP’s against the government not passing the benefits of the recent downward trend in world oil prices to local consumers.
Focus on Rights
The continued killing of witnesses
What has happened to the Witness and Victim Protection Bill that was presented to Parliament some months back?
Inside the glass house
Socializing the capitalists' greed at the cost of the world's poor

When more than 100 world leaders addressed the General Assembly last week, one of the biggest underlying fears expressed in many of the speeches was the possible impact of the current US financial crisis on the developing world.

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