Those moods may be more than mere blues
They are trying times, those teen or adolescence years, for both the children and the parents. The adolescents are moody or insolent and most parents would either ignore them or attempt to deal with them in the traditional manner by roundly scolding them or giving them a slap. Don't," advises Professor Hemamali Perera, Prof. in Psychological Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, because it may not be just teen blues but a more serious mental health problem
Coping with an illness
In managing medical conditions there are several lifestyle factors that can impede recovery or cause an increase in symptoms. These factors include worry, anxiety, stress, tension, diet, exercise, sleep and lack of social support. Worrying or negative, repetitive thinking about possible adverse situations is one of the most destructive and harmful ways of thinking. People who worry a lot tend to experience high levels of anxiety and tension which adversely affect their physical health. This can add further complications when combined with a medical condition.
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Those moods may be more than mere blues
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Coping with an illness
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