Political Column

Growing moves to oust Ranil
By Our Political Editor
- More frontliners join campaign against UNP leader; Rukman put forward as alternative
- Govt. exploits divisions within UNP as parties prepare for two more PC polls

Malefic or otherwise, political misfortunes seem to be afflicting both the Government and the Opposition alike in these turbulent times.

For the Government, no doubt, the burden is heavier. It had to battle on many fronts including mounting fuel prices, skyrocketing cost of living, an intensified separatist war, a crack down on the media where it sees as many traitors as the Tiger guerrillas and new threats of countrywide work stoppages. All this, conversely, should have translated into high-octane fuel for an Opposition to cash in on the seething public discontent and slow but sure isolation of the Government by the international community.

The ways and woes of Wickremesinghe
By Our Political Editor
The Press a plague may be, but plays positive role
By Our Political Editor
5th Column
Perhaps his victory is round the bend – still waiting!
By Neville de Silva
Situation Report
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By Iqbal Athas
Thoughts from London
Mini- summit paves way for institutional reforms
By Neville de Silva
The Economic Analysis
Responding to oil price hikes: Conservation and alternate energy
By the Economist
At last the severity of the oil price increases has awakened the government to think of reducing the import of oil. Up to now the issue was looked upon as a problem of rising fuel prices to consumers.

In fact the first policy response was to subsidise fuel and electricity prices that was an economically irrational and financially unsustainable policy. Countries that followed a similar policy, such as Indonesia and the Philippines, too have given it up. Discontinuing the subsidy has of course drawn political condemnation and consumer disapproval, as you would expect. Yet this was inevitable in the context of ever rising international oil prices.

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Focus on Rights
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By Kishali Pinto Jayawardena
Inside the glass house
Move to kill UN and set up a ‘League of Democracies’
By Thalif Deen at the united nations



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