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Sunday June 01, 2008
Vol. 42 - No 53

Who will take the lead ?

By Madhushala Senaratne and Himal Kotelawala

Season 56 of Uncle Sam Almighty (USA) is on a roll with the entire world tuning into watch the world's most important reality TV show. The grand finale is just a few months away and tension and excitement is so high you can almost taste it. This season kick started sometime in January on Cee No News, the world's most unbiased news channel, with almost all their air time devoted to the show, and 'insignificant' trifles such as cyclones in Myanmar and earthquakes in China taking a back seat.

Unlike in previous seasons this time the show is attracting unprecedented amounts of international attention with everyone from school children in Dambana, Sri Lanka to militant leaders in Iraq glued to their TVs to see who will clinch the trophy.

Contestants were chosen in the first rounds by the organisers based on their eligibility to participate – deep pockets and liberal amounts of shrewdness and they were set to go (This is not to say there weren't any decent folks there). They were then put through gruelling competitions where their popularity with the masses was put to the test – these were called caucuses and primaries and are set to end this week.

Looking back this season there were such illustrious contestants such as John Edwards, Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee all racing for the coveted prize of an all expenses paid four years in the world's most influential living quarters -– The White House. After months of the most intense battles, all of the above contestants have been eliminated (voted out), or in some cases bowed down in the face of extreme competition.

And now we're down to three finalists, an experienced war veteran, a fresh, young black man, and a charming woman. Only one can win. Who will it be? Who will be the next Uncle Sam Almighty, a.k.a. the President of the United States of America?

For decades the USA has produced some of the world's most powerful leaders, some feared and a few others admired. Some have been ruthless, calling on invasions while some others have been champions of human rights, fighting for the rights of minorities in other countries while ignoring the blatant human rights violations in their own backyard.

The United States remains the undisputed leader of the world (somewhat economically challenged) and like it or not, he (or she) who rules the US, rules the world. Hence the US Presidential election is of utmost importance to even a newborn child in the most rural part of Sri Lanka, although there is very little we can do about it.

However, in an era in which its actions are being scrutinized, this year's winner has a mega challenge ahead of him or her. Who would be strong enough to face off the so called ‘United’ Nations and not heed the word of the rest of the world? Who would be headstrong enough to ignore the pleas of billions and go invade another country that is hiding "weapons of mass destruction" (what they're calling oil these days)?

In other words, who is fit to be the winner, the leader of developed world? You will decide.

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