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Sunday May 25, 2008
Vol. 42 - No 52
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Skimming through VERTISTMENTS
Ever heard of a guy called Howard Stephen Berg? Well, Mr. Berg happens to be the fastest reader in the world. He can read something like 25,000 words per minute. Amazing, is it not? But here's more. Unlike some people, when questioned on the content of the piece he has read, be it then and there or three years later, Mr. Berg could answer them 100% accurately. In other words, he can read fast and at the same time remember everything he reads. Now that's what's truly impressive.
In search of the 'American Dream'
We've been standing in the freezing cold for over three hours. A biting February wind is blowing in from the New York Harbour, and I have to buy an extra muffler from the street vendor to wrap around my face. It's a Sunday morning in Battery Park, Manhattan, and we're among the hundreds of visitors from around the world, waiting to board a ferry to Ellis Island. Some are Americans, looking for keys to their past, and others, hoping to catch a glimpse of what it was like to enter the New World almost a century ago.
Dodging the thorn among the roses
The fact is, given time, of course, there is nothing we humans can't get used to – but that's only if it doesn't kill us first. Take the first year of marriage – they always tell you it's the best. It is also the hardest – that time when you go from being a happily dating couple to actually sharing a bathroom, from eating dinner by candlelight to washing piles of dishes after a hard day of work. As time goes by, everything has a tendency to get less rosy – it's practically a law of nature.


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