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Sunday February 24, 2008
Vol. 42 - No 39
Funday Times

Guiding Light

The Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association is 90 years old!

Girl Guiding was introduced to Ceylon (as known formerly) in 1917. The first Girl Guide company was started by Miss Jennie Calverley at the Girls' High School, Kandy.

The Ceylon Girl Guides Association was formed in 1919 as a branch of the United Kingdom Girl Guides Association. After Ceylon gained its independence in 1948, the Association was recognized as a full member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

The Association started in 1917 with just over 40 members. Today, 90 years later, with Guiding firmly established in all 9 provinces of Sri Lanka, the Association has over 35,000 members spread throughout Sri Lanka doing their bit for society and enjoying the outdoor activities and challenges that Guiding has to offer.

Our Mission
To enable girls and young women to develop to their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the country and the world.

Our Vision
To be recognised as a lead development organisation for girls and young women.

Our Method
"Learning by Doing" - This trains girls and young women to work together as a team thus gaining an understanding of personal relationships through team effort.


''Water,'' give it a thought!

Get ready to think and act – World Thinking Day 2008 is just around the corner! Thinking Day, which marks the joint birthdays of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, is celebrated on February 22.

On Thinking Day, girls all over the world celebrate Lord Baden-Powell and Lady Baden-Powell's birthdays. On this special birthday we think of the Brownies and Guides all over the world. And they think of us in the same way on this day.
Who are Lord and Lady Baden-Powell?

Lord Baden-Powell was born in England about 150 years ago! He wrote a book about camping, first aid, animals and lots of other things. He called this book "Scouting for Boys." Lots of boys in England bought the book.

They loved it so much, they started little groups called Boy Scouts. In the groups they did all the activities Lord Baden-Powell talked about in his book and they talked to their friends about how much fun it was. In just a little while, Boy Scout groups began popping up all over the world.

The girls also were very eager to be a part of this organization, so Lord Baden-Powell wrote a handbook for the girls. Over time, younger girls wanted to join in the fun too, so the Brownies were formed. Just like the Boy Scouts, the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts spread all over the world!

The theme for Thinking Day 2008 is "Think about Water" which focuses on the importance of water for health, as well as the issues of access to clean water and water conservation. Therefore, Thinking Day activities will discuss the following issues.
* Provide access to clean water
* Drink water for health
* Conserve water for the world

Our next issue will focus on Thinking Day – write in and tell us what you did on that day.


Did you know?

Lord and Lady Baden-Powell celebrate their birthdays on the same day
Lord and Lady Baden-Powell celebrate their joint birthdays on February 22. To mark this special occasion, February 22 is set aside as Thinking Day which is celebrated by Girl Guides and Scouts all over the world.

The story behind the Left Hand Shake
The Left Hand Shake is a special handshake used among Guides. The left hand is the one nearest to the heart and so signifies friendship, the significance of which was impressed upon Lord Baden-Powell while serving in Africa:

Two hostile neighbouring tribes in Africa were constantly at war with each other. One day the tribal chiefs decided it would be better to live in peace. They flung down their shields, which they carried in their left hands, and met each other holding out their left hands in trust and friendship.

The right hand raised high above the head, palm facing outward, means "Silence"
This is a very useful hand sign to use when you have a roomful of Guides making a lot of noise! When you see someone making this hand sign, stop talking and hold up your hand in the same manner – very soon, the person who first held up her hand will have everyone's attention!

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