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Sunday January 6, 2008
Vol. 42 - No 32

The good he left behind swells his account

Mohamed Jameel

Men are born and they die. So it is with women. It is when human beings die that the world stirs in its grief. They are the rare models who light the way for lesser beings to tread the path of love and compassion. This is how Jameel's death affected his loved ones. Death is inevitable and comes so suddenly that there is no time to say goodbye.

Jameel was one of the rare ones who was close to perfect. Saying it in an Islamic perspective would mean a perfect vicegerent (Khalifah) of Allah whose duty is to believe and work righteously… who has moulded his individual conscience and manifested its working in a social conscience that cares for the world around; someone whose essential goodness was not locked in and was available to those around. A love and caring that reached out even to the skinny stray dog on the street.

It is written in man's destiny that no one is indispensable, not even the prophet or saint. Yes, but to grow a person such as you would demand much fashioning and crafting. To hew away the edge of negative feeling and create a heart of care and love will take a whole lifetime.

Your achievement and your many activities in life like the other people no doubt would have won you awards and prizes. In fact, in your retirement, as we all know, golf was your passion and the trophies you won sit proudly in your glass cabinet but they all pale into insignificance in the face of the greatest trophy you have, the love of those who knew you -- those who regarded you in many ways - a father, a brother, an uncle, a counsellor and the list is endless.

If you were Abou Ben Adham and asked the question of God about who you are, you will have the same reply that Adham got from the angel above, "A man who loved God's creation". The greatest tribute of all which remains behind and will go with you to eternity. You have fulfilled the behest of Sura Yaseen (36 - 12).

"We record that which they send before
And that which they leave behind
And of all things
Have we taken account
In a clear book

Yusuf Ali's Interpretation: Our deeds good and bad go to God's judgment seat before us. They will, of course, be brought to our account; but our account will be swelled by the example we left behind us and the consequence of our deeds, that will come into play or continue to operate after our earthly life has ceased.

Our spiritual responsibility is, therefore, much wider than as affects our own person.

By Jezima Ismail

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