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Sunday September 9, 2007
Vol. 42 - No 15
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DK - Get your act together!!!

B. S. Paul of Colombo writes…..

Having been part of the audience at the "Hits of Yesteryear" show staged at the BMICH on Saturday 25th August, organized by DK Promotions, I am compelled to contribute the following as feedback.‘The show started over 30 minutes late which led to it ending past 12 midnight.

‘The sound was extremely poor resulting in several disruptions to the show inconveniencing the Band (Ultimate) and several of the stars. The voice of Shanelle for example could hardly be heard over the music which obviously was due to very poor sound mixing. Loud disruptions were heard from the Amplifier and Speakers continuously while Corrine and Joey Lewis were performing, which detracted from what were sterling performances.

‘The greatest debacle was when the promoter himself - Damayantha Kuruppu of DK Promotions came on stage to SING!!! He attempted a duet with Mariazelle which was a total insult to Daniel O'Donnell and this no. would have been much better had it been sung by Sudu (the leader of Ultimate) who was anyway doing the bulk of the singing while DK merely mouthed the words.

‘Even the subsequent songs done by DK were an absolute disaster with him not even knowing the lyrics of the popular song ‘Honest I do’ Ricky Nelson. ‘DK should be advised to stick to promoting concerts and event management (which too he's done quite a poor job of) rather than attempting to perform.

A fact that the MC - Vijaya Corea seemed to aptly hint at when he replied to Mariazelle's invitation to sing a duet with him, that one should stick to what he's good at. (‘Kathakarandai and Sindukiyandai - dekak behe!!!).

‘DK - Please note that we the members of the public pay good money and come to see & hear professional performers and not amateurs such as yourself who think they are singers just because they probably sing in the shower!!!’

‘This is not the first time I have been disappointed with your antics, since at the Cliff Richard concert where attendees paid dearly to cram into a packed SLECC Auditorium, we found that there were no Multi-media Screens projecting images of the action on stage which tends to be the norm in international concerts.

As a result, most attendees had to be content with catching only a distant glimpse of Sir Cliff and had to be content with merely hearing him which we could have easily done without paying dearly and attending the concert.‘Please do not take the Sri Lankan consumer for a ride and dish out such poor treatment - after taking our hard earned money for same’ .

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