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Sunday September 9, 2007
Vol. 42 - No 15
TV Times  

SirasaTV : High flyer

Mrs. Nalini de Livera of Negombo Writes....

I take this opportunity to air my views on Sirasa shows I'm always grateful to Sirasa T.V. Channel for giving news 1st. Sirasa Vimarshana a very popular with the down trodden masses expressing their views Complaints etc - etc. Very alert to give information to the nation that's a very favourite programme of many unquestionably.

And also giving our entertainment shows like Sirasa Super Star I and Season 2 were looking forward to meet many singers this time too we keep our fingers crossed. I would like to highlight about Yes' Boss a very hilarious comedy. I hope many viewers are looking forward to meet Vijaya Nandasiri and Lucky Dias oh! they act very superbly.

We like entertaining programmes so much. It’s nothing like laughing. The whole world will like to smile than to cry the best comedy series ever made is Yes Boss. That's only my point of view. Some may not like it. Because the taste differs. I also like to comment over Ran-depeya. Please do not disagree with the T.V. Channel. By showing Praveena and Mahagedara some channels have a good income.

Though the dramas are never ending same like Nilanjana and Gauthami. Some people are keen to watch them so if anybody disagree better not to view it. There are so many channels to view as you please. I strongly believe Sirasa T.V. Channel is always with the people, undoubtedly there are so many talk about their open ways. We appreciate you Sirasa.

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