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Sunday September 9, 2007
Vol. 42 - No 15
TV Times  

Of Clarence, Concerts and debacles

Sandra Philips of Colombo 14 writes...

I write with reference to Mr Damayantha Kuruppu's letter in the ‘TV Times’ last Sunday in response to mine pertaining to the show ‘Clarence the Legend’

He writes and I quote : ‘In order to justify my selecting Sanath Nandasiri, Malkanthi and T.M. Jayaratne, I wish to state, that they were closely associated with Clarence and also he had composed songs for them which were performed at the show.’

This statement by itself qualifies my submission that the Compere was a disappointment since he said nothing of what Mr Kuruppu has referred to and therefore most of the audience had no idea that Sanath and Malkanthi were actually singing songs that had been written for them by Clarence Wijewardena. This is why I could not help feeling that it was a half-baked tribute to a full fledged musician.

It is indeed kind of Mr Kuruppu to have offered to refund my hard earned money spent on the show on the production of the ticket counterfoils but surely he would also know that it is very rarely that music lovers turn out to be counterfoil collectors (unlike stamps, for instance). It was too late to look in the bin, Mr Kuruppu, because the CMC had duly done its duty when it came to garbage collection !

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