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Sunday September 9, 2007
Vol. 42 - No 15

Royal Colombo to get an exclusive cut

Fouzul Hameed the Chief Executive of Hameedias the Envoy establishment was an all round sports enthusiast during his early youth with great leaning towards Cricket. He was a member of the Colts Cricket Club until his clothing empire lured him into a different area. He combined with his Business Development and Public Relations Director Kabir Refai to arrange and present a superb promotion at the Royal Colombo to promote Golf.

Well patronized by most of the leading golfers the competition was an outstanding success.

“A” Division
In the senior division the competition was quite mediocre. Romesh Abhayarane and Sheron Fernando were on nett par 71 each with Sheron Fernando getting ahead with a better back nine.

Young Udeshi Shines
Andrew Udeshi struck the lowest gross score in the “B” Division. A spritely young lad he was in his element with a startling nett score of 62 – the best and the lowest for the day. Coming behind was another enterprising player Richel Hameed playing off 16 he completed a stylish round of nett 68.

The others who impressed considerably were Roshan Perera one under par 70 and Shevinda Fonseka and Ananda Jayasekera 71 nett each. The disaster zone was studded with 6 centurions and 12 confetti products. In these 2 areas Sumedha Amerasinghe and Manjula Chandrasoma impressed most.

Division “3”
D. Hewawasam a mature senior with a flair for method mangly preserved his strokes to good use to complete the lowest gross score with 90 nett 71.

Sunil Udulagama beat him by one stroke; take the lead and the “C” Division crown.

Shiran Fernando and Deepal Weerasekera impressed with nett 72 each. There were a galaxy of century makers. 15 of them bettered the course with great enjoyment and those who smiled broadest after their disasters were Ajantha Mylvaganam, Rex Hatherley, Chandana de Silva and Raju Chandiram. Great packs of confetti were put together and well designed by Christopher Dias, Vinod Hirdaramani, Milinda Ratnayake and Nalin Laduwahetty to name a few manufactures.

Hewawasam the Master
D. Hewawasam with an excellent one under par nett 70 took the lead and the Masters Crown. Dayananda was jubilant and quite agreeable to relate a shot by shot commentary but unfortunately he could no pick an audience. He was later seen enjoying the pleasures of a great afternoon at the 19th.

The Masters Champion of 2007 Doc. ‘SAK’ Abeywardena was beaten to 2nd place by 2 strokes.

Poolists & Development
N. Amarapthma once again cracked a par round to maintain his position as a leading Poolist & J.M.D. Indika another excellent stroke player went 2 over 73 to come 2nd. By this opportunity may it be known that very many of us are quite aware that through Monday to Friday the time between 10 a.m. & 2 p.m. is dead vacant. We feel strongly that President Lalin Samarawickrema must step in and press that such times are fully utilized by organized play for Caddies.

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