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Sunday September 9, 2007
Vol. 42 - No 15

Aney is it true? with nam

Who is the secy who was warned by the sports minister not to dabble with the official duties of ministry’s media officer at one of their meetings. Then when it came to a crux the said secy have tried to say that it was not him who was responsible for that overruling!

The person who always used to boast about his connections in the World Athletic forum lost on a vote count even to find a place in a not so important committee when the forum met in Japan. Now it is found that he was also responsible for the jibe about Susanthika winning a place in the athletes’ forum when she too lost on a vote count to get into the athletes committee.

Ane mehema weda
Who was responsible for this? There was a workshop on women’s soccer conducted by the official forum. However it was found out that there were some netball trainers also attending this workshop. It is said that the person responsible for this wanted to show the organisors that that she is capable of getting a good head count at these forums.

The ‘cold war’
The ‘cold war’ between the two ministers now has spilled even on to the employees of the ministry. There are various occurrences that take place with one camp of the employees trying to out do the other.

Another scribe came to the cap man’s rescue the other day at a meeting. Why are you picking on him? He is a very senior man and anyway he is one of us no?

At least though not writing, there are people to talk on his behalf….good.

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