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Sunday, June 03, 2007
Vol. 42 - No 01

Aney is true? with nam

One for the road
Who was the top grade umpiring lawmaker who is seen having another one for road with his influential cricketing friends in the right places? They say this was one huge reason for his quick rise in the ranks as an umpire.

Chop, chop … chop
It is reported that the leading busman‘s appointee to the Karate thing was chopped by the Bighouse man. Subsequent appeals made by busman have fallen on deaf ears.

Open war
It is reported that the Bighouse man declared war one IC gang at Maitland Place. Now the IC gang has run to the actor requesting him make it let them go on. But, he too has jumped off the stage. At the same time vibes are a rife that a former horseman who was dethroned from the palace and then joined the game of politichess is the mentor of this move.

Human rights
It is reported that some of those failed the umpires examination is contemplating seeking the assistance of the human rights commission. They say that they were forced to answer an examination in a language alien to them.

Cell phone connection
Who are the two bodybuilding brothers who have taken a cell phone in some one else’s name and left a chit for more than Rs.30,000/-.

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