ISSN: 1391 - 0531
Sunday, June 03, 2007
Vol. 42 - No 01

Beware of revenue stamp scam!

Being a retired Postmaster myself I write this letter with much anguish. Buying a property is frustrating enough without having to go through the additional trauma of not being able to register what you have bought for want of legal “Revenue Stamps”.

It is with great difficulty we put together the money we need to buy the property. The first thing you want to do is register it in your name before something untoward happens. Imagine my horror when it was explained to me that the transfer deeds may not be valid because the stamps used were counterfeits!!

As I understand there are many touts operating in and around the Negombo area trying to sell these counterfeit stamps. Some of them are in league with the lawyers. They are able to sell counterfeit stamps because the genuine ones are never available or are in short supply.

Surely the Post Master General should take responsibility for this sad state of affairs. Even the minister in charge should be held responsible. In fact in any other country they would be forced to submit their resignations.

Unwittingly even some lawyers are fooled into buying these counterfeit stamps to fulfil their duty to their clients, who desperately require transfer deeds.

I kindly request government officials to look into this serious matter when considering the revenue loss to the state that is already in distress.

Being a pensioner and a responsible citizen who worked for a state institution, my advice to the reader is to be vigilant and any information regarding this scam should be immediately reported to the CID.

Buying your land alone is insufficient. The ownership passes to you only when the transaction is properly completed by registering the land in your name. A counterfeit stamp will negate all your efforts.

By A.K.D. Kotahena

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