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Sunday, June 03, 2007
Vol. 42 - No 01
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    A Poem for the week

A new term at school

Our second school term has just started. With the new term, there came the Vesak celebrations. All the students of Mahamaya Primary Section went to the Pothgul Viharaya and observed sil there. After that, we got a five day vacation.

Now we have to work hard because we will be having our term end test this time. We are now busy with the normal school work and extra curricular activities. Out of them I like swimming and chess.

By the end of July, we will get our holidays because of the Kandy Esala Perahera. I hope that this new term will be an enjoyable term for me and my friends.

Nirmani Dasanayake
(8 years)
Mahamaya Girls'College,


Fairy Tales

I love to listen to fairy tales,
Or read them to myself,
Of fairies and of pixies,
Or of a really naughty elf.

There's Cinderella and her sisters,
And how they went to the ball.
Of her Fairy-God-Mother turning pumpkins into carriages,
And making horses of mice so small.

Princesses and dragons,
Of some brave knight,
Rapunzel and her hair so long
Of seven dwarfs and Snow White.

These are some of the fairy tales,
But there are a lot more.
I cannot list them all here
It's very difficult you know!

Saarah Nisthar
(10 years)
Hillwood College, Kandy


A girl looking at an ice-cream cone, a popsicle and a slice of water melon on a hot day

It was one of those hot days that nobody could stay inside. Susan was walking outside trying to catch the breeze. She was hoping to buy something from the 'One And Only Ice-Cream Shop.' She looked inside. There was only one ice cream cone, a popsicle and a slice of water melon. Just as she was going in, she was interrupted by a beggar, "Please young miss, spare me a coin or two, please," he said. She fished through her pocket and gave it to him.

She turned around and saw a girl coming out of the shop carrying the last ice-cream, the popsicle and the water melon. She started to walk straight to Susan, "Hi, I am Taylor. I saw you giving some money to the beggar. That's very kind of you. Take this popsicle as a gift from me," she said. Susan took the popsicle and said, "Thank you. And nice meeting you."

"Bye!" Taylor said. And they both walked home.

Panchali Illankoon (10 years)
Musaeus College


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