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Sunday, April 01, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 44

Aney is it true? with nam

The chosen one
This umpire was brought to book when he officiated at the Royal-Thomians without wearing the official ACUSL badge. But, now the SLC umpires committee has named him for the tour of Bangladesh for their pending ‘A’ team tour.
It is said that the membership of the ACUSL is very unhappy about this move.

Hot tempered skipper
The Lankan cricket authorities have made an official complaint about the behaviour of the Bangladesh ‘A’ team captain who had berated two of Sri Lanka’s leading umpires upon their second successive defeat.

Oh! Why, why, why
He is the head of the oval shaped ball sport in school. But, it is said that he is discouraging the sport in his school. It is reported that he is encouraging the good players of that sport to leave the school and join another. The reason learned is that he is finding it difficult to finance this sport in his school.

The cold war
There are reports that the big duo of sport Bus and Loku have started a ‘cold’war’. The insiders say the reason for this spat is the work on the National Sports Festival which is scheduled to be held in Hambantota later this year.

This is way you …
The new Athletics boss had been boasting….”If you are winning, this is the way to do it”. This he had said after his resounding win at the athletic AGM. However the people in the know-how lamented, if not for the support he received from one of the top brothers in the country, he may not have been able to pull it off.

Police kit
To become the peddling president, it is said that this ‘big wig’ of the Police department prevailed upon a lot of small clubs to vote for him.

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