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Sunday, February 04, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 36

Aney is it true? with nam

The advisers’ contest
* They say the sports ministry circles are divided into two groups and the respective specialists of various sports are engaged in an advising contest. The ulterior motive in this exercise is that they expect the twin ministers dish out them with various favours in return.

‘Cold war’
* Since the birth of twin sports ministers it is also reported that there was a ‘cold war’ declared between two top officials in the sports ministry. It is said that one of them had beaten the other in the nick of time to go and occupy the room at the ‘Torrington’ building and now the other has no place to go.

Test player cautioned
* The “Dilfield” test player was damaging the ball by bouncing on the ground. The umpires warned him. In return he retorted “We do that at Test matches where there over 10-12 camera’s covering the match and there are no complaints”. Then the umpires told him “Those may be done at Test matches but, it will not be tolerated at these matches”.

The actor
* The softball head donated Rs.50, 000/- to the Association citing that it was given for the development of the sport. As a result he was held in high esteem. But, then it was revealed that he had slowly siphoned Rs.40, 000/- back in to his pocket through some devious scheme. Now the ex-co is planning to call up for an explanation.

Kiss my ….
* He is a ‘big wig’ at the sports ministry and his retirement is closing upon him. As a result there is nothing that he has not done to get an extension. When everything else failed he wrote an appeal and walked up to the highest authority in the ministry. On approaching him he also took his hand and kissed it. But Alas! It seems that even that has not worked so far.

Matale ‘Giniganan’
’* Matale residents ask as to why the Matale hockey Astro turf is so much more expensive than the one in Colombo. They say prior to the South Asian Games the facility was up graded at a cost of Rs. 10 million and after the games it was handed over to the people. Now the Hockey crazy Matale people are asking the question “Is this how hand over things for the benefit of the people?”.

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