ISSN: 1391 - 0531
Sunday, February 04, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 36

Galle Fort: Regain its pristine glory and splendour

Galle Fort is a picturesque site but unfortunately it is beset with several shortcomings which mar the beauty and historical value of this place.

First and foremost, the roads are full of potholes causing inconvenience to motorists. During inclement weather, these holes get filled with water and become a hazard to pedestrians. In certain places there is so much over grown vegetation that there is every possibility of snakes. Even the rampart walls are full of weeds and if due attention is not paid, irreparable damage may be caused to this monumental structure.

The drains are blocked due to callous neglect. A few months ago the main sewer at Leyn Baan Street collapsed, inconveniencing the residents. The Municipal Council workers came and repaired this but now the water brought in by the feeder drains will not go into the main sewer!

Though the Fort is a tourist attraction visited by hundreds of tourists both local and foreign, it lacks basic toilet facilities. As a result of this unsatisfactory situation, people ease themselves as, when and where they can to satisfy their unavoidable biological urge.

The massive amount of funds given to the Municipal Council by the foreign countries to maintain the Fort does not seem to have been spent judiciously.

When I went to Galle recently I found some improvements being made opposite the courts. This work should take second place after remedying the more urgent work in the Fort. Otherwise, it will be like a man wearing shirt, tie and coat to boot walking about in his underwear!

I understand that a new organization has been formed to protect the Fort and I hope that at least this institution will take the initiative and bring Galle Fort back to its pristine glory and splendour.

By F.M. Fernando, Galle Fort

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