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Sunday, February 04, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 36
Kandy Times

A pain, a magnet and relief!

By Nadia Fazlulhaq

An ayurvedic centre offering a range of herbal treatments: So what’s new, you may ask. Magnetotherapy, this is what the centre is offering for the first time in Sri Lanka.

Situated in Kiribath-kumbura, Thanoshi Herbal which specialises in homeopathy, acupuncture, ayurvedic and herbal beauty treatments has introduced Magnetotherapy, a therapy involving magnets.

Dr. Sulochana

“Sri Lankans are not aware how magnets can be used to treat many illnesses, although it is popular in neighbouring countries like India and Pakistan,” said Dr. S.Vijayanayagam of Thanoshi Herbal.

Explaining the concept, he said the universe contains a magnetic force and the magnets have two poles the north and south. The individual effects of the two poles differ in nature and Magnetotherapy is linked with natural laws.

“This is similar to the Ying-Yang concept in acupuncture; the North Pole is the stronger side like Yang. Most of the pains are due to the imbalance of the body. We recognize the imbalanced part of the body and apply the magnet, so that the pain reduces,” he said.

According to Dr. Vijayanayagam different types of magnets are used for different types of pains.“They come in different sizes and are used depending on the pain. We mostly use this therapy for joint pains and aches, shoulder and back aches and even above the genital areas to improve sexual performance. Magnetotherapy is also used for infected wounds. Blood pressure too can be kept in check by the long usage of magnets,” he added.


Commenting on their other fields of speciality, Managing Director of Thanoshi Herbal, Dr. Sulochana Madurasinghe said that even though homeopathy and acupuncture are not that popular in Sri Lanka, they can do wonders with no side effects at all.

“Most of the patients are women in their late thirties suffering from obesity. We give homeopathy treatment to reduce the fat layers of the body, especially in the belly, thighs, breasts and shoulders. I believe homeopathy is the best solution for obesity,” she said adding that the treatment sessions for women are supervised by her and the other male doctors supervise the treatment for men.

Thanoshi Herbal also offers body massages but before the massage, the client is required to undergo a health check-up.

Most of the products used at the centre are ayurvedic medicines made of herbal roots and flowers, and Indian homeopathy medicines.

“The homeopathy and acupuncture treatment consists of six treatment sessions in six weeks. By that time the patient will feel and see a big improvement. We monitor their pogress and recommend further treatment only if necessary,” Dr. Madurasinghe said.

Stress, migraine, pimples, eye aches due to stress and dandruff are among the main problems that teenagers and young adults complain of.

“Many engineering and medical faculty students of the Peradeniya University come here for homeopathy and acupuncture treatments for migraine, pimples and stress. We also see youngsters with dandruff for which we recommend homeopathy shampoos which are effective,” she added.

Established five months ago, this ayurvedic centre has three specialist doctors and nine assistants. Thanoshi Herbal is registered under the Acupuncture Foundation of Sri Lanka.

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