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Sunday, January 21, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 34

Aney is it true? with nam

Tug-of-war the Lankan way
There are reports of some persons who attended a tug-of-war meet and an international work shop in the name of the AAASL which was held in Japan.

The Irony is that a senior official of the Ministry of Sports was also on this secret tour. However the local tug-of-war team members is oblivious about this tour.

With interest
A senior member of the Medical Unit had been pulled up by a high official Sports Ministry after the Jani Chathurangi verdict.
The official had queried “What were you all doing for six months. If can not take a urine sample properly just wait without doing anything. If you start on something you make a hash of it.”

But there was no answer.

Another smash hit
The SAG sponsorship committee was in a quandary about the Rs.10 million received from the Ports Authority towards the game. Then they had found out that it was spent by the ministry of sport in bits and pieces. However when all the sponsorship monies had to come through the NOC only this amount had gone to the ministry of sport direct. A senior official in the ministry of sport when queried had answered “Yes, we received it and we spent it on sundry items”. But he could not explain what the sundry items were.

The stunned athlete
Upon heading the clearing verdict of Jani Chathurangi, another senior female athlete was stunned. She had quipped “When I was on the dock there was no one to help me”.

This athlete was supposed have been campaigning against Jani while the inquiry was on.

Now an under 19 row
School Cricket circles are not happy about the under 19 selections. Six of the cricketers have come from two leading Colombo Schools and at the same time there are some questions also about the abilities of the wicket-keeper who is selected. Some of the selected also have failed during the practice matches played for selections. They say some real deserving cases have been just overlooked.

It is also said that the selectors have not attended the practice sessions in a proper manner and a leading figure had come for a little while and said “ all OK” and walked off after a little while.

The elderly cricketer
Tough the age is catching up and his international performances with the “A” team had been marginal, this elderly cricketer is back in the reckoning. They say that his father had influenced the Pandukambalasailasanaya through a people’s member from the Polonnaruwa district.

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