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Sunday, January 07, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 32

Aney is it true?

The Olympic pet
Head of the now defunct SAG secretariat is employed by the National Olympic Committee. He is now the pet of the OC bosses too.

This may be the very reason that he has been with the national athletes on several tours overseas even though he had no official capacity. It is also said that he also trying to use his present position to get his old job back at the security firm where once got kicked out and also try to get some back wages along with it.

Broken promise
Some athletes are not happy about broken promises of cash on winning medals at the SAG.
The Sports ministry says that they spent Rs.12 million on the 343 athletes who won medals at the SAG. However some athletes say that they received only certificates and no monies came their way.

The most powerful
First the officials of the Presidential Secretariat told the Sports Ministry Officials that they could not have the President at the medals presentation and to have the function involving the Prime Minister.

Then suddenly one day these officials happened to meet the president and there the president inquired as to when the Medals Presentation was scheduled and he was ready to attend the function at any time they could organize it.
And it so happened along with the President at the Temple Trees, even without the blessings of the officials of the presidential secretariat.

The Arti man was very powerful during the SAG. At the same time the SAG secretariat was also going on after the completion of the games too. One day the Arti man told the Minister that the president has given instructions to close down the secretariat which the minister duly carried out. However they say there was work still to be completed.

Problems have arisen about the umpire nominees for the games in Bahrain and Malaysia. Some say that there are more qualified umpires in the fraternity than those who are nominated. However this has been brought to the notice of the IC authorities.

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