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Sunday, January 07, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 32

Justice: Hangman’s noose the only way

It is heartening that the death penalty may be implemented soon. The public has lost confidence in the judicial system, as criminals on whom severe sentences have been imposed after conviction go unpunished.

During recent times there has been a sharp rise in organized crime, and those convicted have escaped punishment.

The current security situation is of grave concern to the peace-loving people of this country. The civil war has been going on for years with no hope of peace or a solution. Recently the newspapers have carried articles stating that a Major was spying for the LTTE.

Due to the ongoing war, scores of people have become millionaires, from every grain of rice, uniforms, and other items supplied to the armed forces and Police. Top officials are also involved. The end of the war would spell doom for them as the millions they have been making would stop.

In certain instances the question arises as to who the real enemy is? Recently it was revealed that the LTTE has infiltrated the police. Senior army officers have been apprehended for selling petrol to the LTTE.

Therefore, the death penalty should also be imposed on military personnel found guilty of treason or espionage. Due to blatant lies, dishonesty and avarice by our own Sinhalese brothers and sisters the peace we all yearn for is only a dream. Thus I am sure most citizens will agree that the introduction of the death penalty is essential and timely.

By Roshantha Fernando, Nawala

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