Jayasuriya comments on his come back

(Daminda Wijesuriya reporting from Lords)

Returning from retirement, Sanath Jayasuriya said that he is here in England to play for his country and not to deny any young player's chances of playing for Sri Lanka.

The master blaster arrived London yesterday and met media representatives, at the picturesque Lords press box, after gaining permission from team manager Michael Tissera.

"I am not here to put anyone under pressure. I came here to play for my country and to do something for my country"

"I have played for my country and for the team so far. I will never come back to put anyone under pressure" said Jayasuriya, who is ambitious of making his stamp once again on tough English conditions.

"No one can play without pressure. There's pressure for everybody. I don't think it's new" he said.
"In this game, there'll be pressure irrespective of I play or a youngster plays. That shouldn't have been the case. If we can go out there and play the best we can for our country, then that's what important" Jayasuriya further said.

According to Jayasuriya, he never expected to come back and it was the new chairman of selectors who wanted his service here in England.

"He (the new chairman of selectors) requested me to reconsider my decision. So betterment for Sri Lanka Cricket, I changed my plans" Jayasuriya said.
"After he became the chairman of selectors, Asantha de Mel contacted me and had a chat with me. He said that we need you in this time because we missed experienced player like Marvan" said the former opener, who scored a thumping double hundred against England in Sri Lanka's emphatic win against the home team in 1998.

As Jayasuriya said, changing the decision was not an easy one. "When I took a decision and to change, it's not easy" "I always have my people (to get advice). I contacted them and had a chat with them; they said this is for Sri Lanka cricket. I always do everything for my country and Sri Lanka Cricket. I took that decision for Sri Lanka and not to gain anything personnel" former Sri Lanka skipper justified his decision to come back.

During Pakistan tour of Sri Lanka, Jayasuriya was not planning to retire from test cricket. He had a chat with earlier selectors and then decided to quit the longer version of the game. "I had an opportunity to talk to the selectors after the first test. We had a long discussion with the coach and then only I felt I should retire.

When asked whether he was forced to retire from test cricket, Jayasuriya played down the question to seek more suitable words. "Unfortunately, I am on a contract. So anything controversial, I can't talk at the moment. The simple thing is I had a chat with those selectors and I felt I should retire" said the master blaster.
Asked whether his decision to come back from retirement was a politically motivated one, Jayasuriya denied any involvement of politics in the country to do with his comeback.

"I don't go for political favour. Not the way I've been playing. I played for 16 to 17 years for Sri Lanka. I played with some ability which I had and I performed. I played good cricket" he said without mincing his words.

According to Jayasuriya, he was welcomed by the team in England yesterday.

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