This autocross will take you to the edge of your seat

By Sheran Fernando
Ceylon Motor Sports Club (CMSC) will conduct an autocross event at the Waters Edge track next Saturday (20th May).

Autocross is an entry-level motor sport event where competitors are given a single attempt at a course set over rough but completely traversable gravel terrain. The time is recorded for each competitor, and the class is won by the competitor with the lowest time.

The course is usually marked out with a series of wooden posts and plastic tape, and the competitor is required to navigate the course without breaking the tapes or knocking down the posts. Where this does happen, a time penalty is added to the time recorded. If the competitor leaves the circuit, he (or she) must re-enter the circuit from the same location.

The beauty of an autocross is that vehicles do not require any special preparation. The risk of “contact” is minimal as vehicles take part one at a time, and therefore accidents are rare. Competing against the clock takes a particular skill as unlike mass-start events, the driver has no idea of how well he (or she) has done until all competitors have completed their run. Vehicles are classed by engine power and weight, most cars are quite competitive in their own class. Classes for the event are set out by the governing body for the sport, and will include classes for Jeeps, Double Cabs and other similar 4 wheel drive vehicles. These vehicles will be particularly suited to the terrain.

The event will take place in the grounds of Waters Edge, which has an excellent range of facilities for this type of event. Waters Edge has hosted a series of 4WD events that has attracted very large crowds. Already, most of the leading drivers in the Country have entered the Redbull CMSC Autocross. To name some of them, Dinesh Senanayake, Nishan Weerasooriya, and Dinesh Deheragoda will be competing for top honours, and probably looking to record the fastest timing for the day. It is probable that the dice between Arawinda Premadasa and Dinesh Deheragoda will be seen again at this event. Overall, the CMSC is confident of attracting close to 100 competitors for the event.

Entries for the event are available at the Club Office, at Jinasena Ltd, No 4 Hunupitiya Road, Colombo 02. Entries are limited, and will be taken on a “first come first served” basis. The principal sponsor of the event is Red Bull, the energy drink that is taking Sri Lanka by storm.

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