My dream

I had a dream that I was a mermaid. I had long golden hair. I was like a human being but instead of a pair of legs, I had a fish tail. I had two hands. I liked to swim around in the sea.

One day I went under the sea. I saw a small shell full of magic. I drank the water in it. I came out of the sea and saw that I had two legs. When I walked on the ground I felt like I was walking on pieces of glass.

Suddenly, I slipped into the water. I found that I couldn't swim or dive because my beautiful fish tail had gone. I suddenly felt I was drowning under the sea. I got frightened. Then I thought of the magic shell and the water in it. I drank it again. I changed into a mermaid again.

Just then a shark attacked me! I got frightened and I screamed. Suddenly I woke up and I saw I was not under the sea and there was no shark. I was on my bed. My mom was waking me up to go to school. Oh! No! It was just a dream.

Andreya Fernando
(9 years)
St.Bridget's Convent, Colombo 7


What a world! A leisure world!

Naveen maama came with his family. My mother told him about Leisure World, so we decided to go.

It is between Hanwella and Kosgama town on the High Level Road. From the main road we went to the entrance. A young lady greeted us. She showed us the packages from Rs. 300 to Rs. 1000.

We bought the tickets and had to walk across a large pond. There were many boats for children to go boating. The first was 'swing around,' we went up in a chair - a bit frightened. There was a UFO - six slides fixed together. It comes down and goes up again. Then the crescent swing which goes around and up.

Electric space ship is fine. When the bell rings - you put forward the gear - it goes up then push the button it shoots. We were thrilled. We went in the pirate ship as well as the caterpillar train.

The most interesting was the 'log flume.' The log boat goes along an artificial channel. Then it moves up and slides down in the same speed. Water rushed and you are bathed. It was marvellous.

My grandmother's saree and specs were all wet, but she was not scared at all. She said it is a leisure with pleasure for both children and adults.

Tajmi Kulatunga
Grade 4
Sujatha Vidyalaya, Nugegoda



Where there is water, there is life. Water is essential for all living beings. We use it for many purposes, e.g; drinking, bathing, cleaning etc. it keeps our blood running. Our body also needs a certain amount of water each day. We should drink many glasses of water in a day.

Water is stored in fruits and vegetables too. It is needed for water plants and crops and also producing electricity. Water has many sources. Oceans and seas are the biggest sources. Then there are rivers, lakes, tanks, ponds and snow on mountains which are smaller sources. Wells also give us water. Water can be found in the form of a liquid, gas or as snow.

Shihara Thaha
Minaret High School


My favourite cricketer

My favourite cricketer is Kumar Sangakkara. He is a wicket keeper. Kumar has got a very good place in the Sri Lankan team. He is a left handed batsman. Sometimes Kumar is a vice captain. He sometimes bowls right arm off break. His highest score in ODI Matches is 138* and his highest score in Test Matches 270. For me he is the best wicket keeper batsman.

Shenal Abeysinghe
Grade 5
Wesley College


The brain

The brain is in our skull. It is located on the top of our body. In this skull the brain is quite safe. Mainly the brain does three jobs: To think and to understand, to learn new things and remember them and to lead all parts of the body.

The thinking part of the brain is called the mind and the learning part is called the memory. The brain is so special because no other organ has these qualities. Because the brain is very special it is called the captain of the body.

If the brain stops working you will lose their thinking power and will not be able to remember anything. Not only this but the other organs will stop working. We should be careful and have to pay more attention to our brain.

Sajana Perera
Vidura College


My holidays

I went to Nuwara Eliya in April with my brother and my parents. My cousin too came along. We stayed in a nice hotel. I had my first pony ride there. I loved the ride. One day we went to the Tea Factory Hotel to have lunch. Another day we went to Horton Plains. I enjoyed my holiday.

Anuk Dharmasena
Year 2
S. Thomas' Preparatory School


I am a parrot

I am a parrot. I am green in colour. I have a red beak. I have a red necklace and I am very pretty. I like to eat fruits and grains. Some of my friends can talk.



Uvini Jayasinghe
Musaeus College, Colombo 7


My pet

My pets are fish. They live in a very wide fish tank. I give them fish food every morning. My father puts water plants for them to breathe oxygen. I help my father clean the fish tank for my fish. I love my fish very much.

Ishaq Haniffa
Asian International
Colombo 5

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