Peace in pieces but still no negotiating table in sight
My Dear Velu,
I thought I must write to you when I heard that you too had started writing letters and sent a secret communication to Mahinda maama through these special envoys who seem to be swarming all over the place.
Of course, Velu, everyone is puzzled as to why you are exploding bombs and killing people, especially during this Vesak season when everyone else is preaching the virtues of 'maithree'.

But then, you are also saying that bombs will continue to explode until that little issue with that Karuna chap is sorted out. Of course, you always accuse Mahinda maama of aiding and abetting Karuna and his gang of "rebels".
What puzzles me though is your claim to be the sole representative of your people, Velu. There you are, claiming to be their saviour on the one hand but on the other hand you go running to the Norwegians saying you can't get your cohorts transported from the East to the North because you can't ensure their security! Surely, if you are the sole representative that you claim to be that would be just a minor issue for you…

And if you are indeed the sole representative of your people, Velu, it also baffles us why you so strictly enforced a boycott of the presidential polls last year, preventing 'your' people from making their opinion count.

And it seems the longer you wait, the more 'representatives' emerge from those whom you claim to represent. Now, for instance, Douglas is staking a claim, so is Karuna and last but perhaps the most civilised of them all is that chap Anandasangaree who must be given a prize for his courage in saying the things he is saying.

But all this has not deterred you from remaining elusive and together with Bala thinking of some ruse to back off from the negotiating table whenever the prospect of peace talks emerge.

It does of course help when the chaps in Colombo do not know whether they are coming or going for the peace talks and do not know what to do when they are attacked be it at Army Headquarters, Trincomalee or at sea. Add to all this, Mahinda maama keeps on muttering his mantra about that elusive 'gauravaneeya saamaya' but we all know that peace is in pieces right now and the only catastrophe that has not befallen the south is an attack on a civilian target but even that appears to be because you are in no hurry!

But of course, I am not too surprised about your tactics either. The South is still hopelessly divided, and we even invite your cadres to our military headquarters for medical check ups! So, who can blame you if you want to stick to your guns?

Yet, you must also realise, Velu, that in a day and age where terrorism is frowned upon by the world at large, there is little room for a chap like you to emerge victorious in the long run. And since you are also not getting any younger-and that applies to Bala too-maybe you should think of an alternative to resolving your 'struggle' through the bullet. Think about that too, will you, while you plot your next attack on whoever that unfortunate victim is?
Yours truly,
Punchi Putha.

PS- Even if Mahinda maama were to offer you a separate state on a platter, I'm sure you would say 'no'. After all, how could you be the President of Eelam, when there is still a price on your head just across the Palk Straits?

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