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‘Punsanda Paaya’ : The world’s longest song from Chandimal
By Sanath Weearsuriya
‘Punsanda Paaya’ is considered as the theme song of Moratuwa and this time Chandimal is set to make another record with this song. ‘Chandimal and the Second Connection’ has released their latest CD ‘One And Only Moratuwa’ featuring 30 artistes and 30 bands singing all trditional Moratuwa songs.
Apart from this new creations, Chandimal as a professional musician created so many new chang and many ‘first’ in the scene.

He is the first to release a CD, first double CD, first VCD, first DVD and first instrumental tape produced by first one man bands in Sri Lanka. He has become the only musician to release most number of CDs and DVDs in Sri Lanka.

‘Me being the leader and the Manager of the band Chandimal and the 2nd Connection, I have performed in Dubai, Kuwait, New Zealand, Australia and Doha- Qatar many times’ he said.

Qualified as a sound engineer in New Zealand, Chandimal has given up his permanent job at the National Carrier to take music as his future job.
‘Punsanda Paaya is a very old song and it's about Moratuwa, which is my home town too. Moratuwa being a town with full of musicians, I thought of creating this song with lots of verses with very old lyrics. ‘ he said.

All the musicians and singers featuring at this CD are from Moratuwa. ‘All musicians and bands are from Moratuwa only and we recorded at a Studio in Moratuwa . This is the beauty of this creation. Therefore I don't think any town in the world can ever match or beat this record in anyway. In this song I have included about 30 artistes and bands only from Moratuwa. To tell you frankly there are many more good artistes still left out from this project apart from featured lot’ he explained the biggest music project in Moratuwa.

Already this song has entered as the ‘Longest Song of the World’. ‘This is not an easy task and it took me nearly one week to record the song and one week to edit the video clip with more than 150 hours of studio time. I am sure all my fans will like this song. It's up to all my fans to decide the out come of it’ he added.

My email address is Audio CD of the ‘Punsanda Paaya’ will get free of charge along with the VCD and DVD. The pack for the price of one. Maximum price of the DVD pack is Rs. 700/= and VCD pack is Rs. 500/=.
‘All I have to ask from my fans is to buy the original Pack and not to support piracy’ he said.


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