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'I Don't know Why?': Canadian-Sri Lankan joint venture
By Susitha R. Fernando
A Canadian-Sir Lankan joint production, ‘I Don't Know Why’ completed its shooting in Colombo recently. This commercial film which had its final shots in Colombo at Hotel Holiday Inn last week is scheduled to be released at the beginning of next year.

"This is an entertaining Masala film which revolves around a young Sinhalese boy who goes abroad using the passport of a Tamil young man who resembles him," said George Silera the director of the film.

The story is woven around how this young man 'Silva' goes abroad using the passport of 'Selva' and the series of difficulties that he faces as a result, described the director.

Silva is dreaming to go abroad and his friend Niwaz is trying to help him by finding him an agent. However the agent deceives Silva. Niwaz goes in search of the agent. One day seeing the agent going in a vehicle, Niwaz follows him. The speeding vehicle knocks down a man on the way and the victim dies on the spot. Niwaz finds that the dead man, Selva resembles his friend Silva and he is in possession of a passport and visa to Canada. Niwaz quickly gets the passport and sends the corpse to Silva's house. He gets hold of Silva and forges the passport and sends him to Canada. Meanwhile in Canada Selva's father is waiting for his son's arrival from Sri Lanka so that Selva may inherit his quite considerable property in Sri Lanka.

Silva now living as Selva in Canada meets with a lot of problems and hardships. He witnesses that many Sri Lankans living in Canada are not happy and are facing a lot of difficulties.

"What I wanted to convey to the younger generation in this film is that they should stop making fragile dreams of going abroad to earn a quick buck and instead should find ways to develop our country," said the director, George Silera. There are sub plots such as the Tsunami disaster and the plight of its victims.

"We have a cast from different nationals like Sri Lankans, Canadians and Pakistanis. And hopefully the film will have a few screenings in Canada and America," Mr. Silera said.

Asked about the title whether it was culled from the popular song sung by the Gypsies, the director said the working on the film was started long before the song became popular.

Arjuna Kamalanath, Chanki Ipalwatta, Ajith Jinadasa, Rex Kodippili, Anusha Damayanthi, Janesh Silva, Chathura Perera, Muri Samarasinghe, Eardly Wedamuni, Alexander Ferdinand and Aravinda Irugal Bandara. Edited by M. S. Aliman, make up is by Rasika Tennakoon and camera by Dinesh Kumara.


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