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Stormy night at Taj
By N.Dilshath Banu
Two weeks ago Sri Lanka has hit by a ‘Storm’! And its strong winds still whirls around Colombo. Well, if you are still in the dark and haven't heard of it, no worries, as they are still swirling around Colombo. It's the UK's leading Soca band "Storm", currently in the country and spinning its web of music at "Mix Bar" in Taj Samudra.

"I played for carnivals and festivals where there are lots of people, but this is the first time, I ever played in a bar, with few people as the crowd. I felt different, but it also gives me an opportunity to have a chat with people and get to know them, which I like and which I very often miss in carnivals" said Sina Wayane, the singer cum song writer also known as S.W Storm.

Looking back at how life evolved, Storm says that he was interested in singing since childhood. "As a kid, I used to sing along with my parents, sometimes aided with mum's hairbrush as microphone. After I left College, I got into music, as a pop/rock singer. But I found that I have an interest in Soca music and wanted to go for it"

Once Storm decided to go for the thirst of Soca music, he formed a Soca band in 1995. The end of the following year, they were processing their album and in 1997, the first album of Storm "Island Fury" was released. Since then, Storm with his team have released seven albums. The latest album of Storm is "Celebrate".

Having an Indian father and a Portuguese mother, Storm has already got the fusion of diversity in his genes. His Soca music does not have just one flavour, but includes the flavours of Bhangra, Turkish, R&B, Reggae and Rock, create a unique melody. While enjoying the hospitality in Sri Lanka, Storm revealed that he has an idea to blend the local baila tunes into his songs for his next album.

"My songs have fusion of everything and more than the fusions, I have good songs. In the end of the day, you can fuse any music, but without a good song, it'll be no good. You have to have a good song to create good wibes" explained Storm.

Storm doesn't just have good songs, but has a serious message in each and every song he sings. Most often, it's about unity. He says life is too short to engage in wars, and we should take steps to celebrate the diversity throughout lifetime.

"Unity is a serious issue, but I'm trying to give the message to the people not in a serious way. If we wanted people sit down and talk about serious issues, they'll get bored. So I wanted to tell them, about the seriousness of being united in a diverse world while having fun and while they are partying" added Storm, while tapping his wrists on the table and singing song with serious issue, but with funky tune.

Remember, you just have one more week to witness the ranging "Storm" in Sri Lanka. And he'll be there, waiting to fuse with all kind of styles and good songs, just for you at Taj, every Tuesday to Saturday. If you miss him, you'll regret of not witnessing the night of diverse fusion with passion.


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