Trade Chambers welcome APC
Sri Lanka’s top chambers welcomed President Mahinda Rajapakse’s initiative to launch all-party talks, saying confidence building measures – in addition to the peace talks – were also important for the peace process.

Chamber groups also urged the President to convene peace talks immediately and halt the cycle of violence. President of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FCCISL), Nawaz Rajabdeen praised Thursday’s all party conference called by Mr. Rajapakse saying confidence building measures for all stakeholders were as important as the resumption of peace talks.
“Building confidence amongst stakeholders is even more important than the resumption of talks,” he said adding that the UNP and its leadership should also be praised for taking part in the talks.

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) commended the Government for its restraint in upholding the ceasefire agreement in the face of the killing and maiming of soldiers not engaged in combat. It said the President is looking at developing a southern consensus as it is vital to speak with one voice, negotiate with the LTTE and offer a solution that will be endorsed by the people.The CCC said the Government has reaffirmed the Norwegian government as peace facilitator and the President has publicly invited the LTTE to negotiations on numerous occasions.

“In the selection of the venue for talks, the Government has proposed or agreed to no less than five options to meet the LTTE’s preference for a venue acceptable to it.”

It said maximum devolution of power based on the Indian model, which is not constrained by definitions of a united or unitary state (as Sri Lanka is in terms of the present Constitution), has been proposed.

J-Biz, the Joint Business Forum, also praised the Government’s restraint but said it was the State that needs to make the first move in getting peace talks off the ground.

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