Public service goes politics over CC crisis
By Shelani Perera
With the Public Service Commission rendered ineffective due to the delay in naming the Constitutional Council members, irregularities in transfers, promotions, extensions are taking place under political influence, The Sunday Times learns.Although transfers of non-grade staff was handled by the Heads of Departments and Corporations, staff grade transfers come under the purview of the PSC.

A PSC official said public servants without any political clout were the worst affected as a result of the non-functioning of the PSC. “The officers are unable to go to courts as the PSC no longer exist. They complain to us but we tell them that we are unable to help until the Constitutional Council is formed,” he said.According to the official, even divisional secretaries have been removed in a questionable manner.He also said a Cabinet decision to arrogate to itself certain powers of the Constitutional Council was a violation of the 17th amendment.

The official also said the salaries of public servants who were awaiting extensions or going on retirement had also been affected.The PSC which has a staff of 150, however, is continuing with the secretarial functions as it receives about 400 letters a day. Meanwhile a Constitutional Council official meeting between the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader – who appoint the nominees to the CC – was to take place this week, but was put off due to the rumpus in parliament. “The two leaders have to recommend five people to the Council, thereafter discussions with the minor parties have to take place,” he said.

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