Lanka to launch its first satellite
Peradeniya University in path-breaking project
By L.B.Senaratne
Sri Lanka will soon join a select group of countries that have conquered space when the University of Peradeniya in collaboration with the University of Surrey launches a satellite aimed at disaster management.

Addressing the media, the Peradeniya Universtiy’s Geo-Informatics Society Chief, Dr. Ranjith Premalal de Silva, said the satellite technology played a big role in the development of a country and the university’s Post-Graduate Institute of Agriculture was planning to hold a “Remote Sensing Day” programme before the end of this month.

He said that although their US$ 10 million satellite project was largely designed for disaster management, it could also be used for other purposes such as collecting data for agricultural development, water sources management and efficient land usage.

Dr. de Silva said the University of Surrey had mastered the satellite technology and if all went well, the satellite would be launched from Thailand.
He said the university’s Geo-Informatics Society had sent its proposal to the Ministry of Technology and were seeking further assistance from five other friendly countries in the region.

He said the University of Surrey was confidant that the necessary funds could be raised because of the peaceful nature of the project which also involved the Arthur C. Clarke Centre.

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