Flawed democracy better
On Tuesday, when TNA MPs were engaged in a protest in the Well of the House, there were several foreign visitors in the public gallery.

One of the MPs from the Jaffna district Nadarajah Raviraj couldn’t help turning to the foreigners and shouting, “Look Japanese tourists, this is democracy in Sri Lanka.” Well the tourists were not Japanese but South Korean and they probably realised that because there is some sort of democracy in Sri Lanka the TNA MPs were allowed to carry on such a protest inside the Legislature.
Mr. Raviraj must be well aware that a bullet to the head is what protestors get in one part of the country if they defy orders there.

Even a flawed democracy is better than a dictatorship, he will agree for sure.
Waiting for the cameras The JHU called a press conference on Wednesday to announce its displeasure at the turn of events in Parliament.

But reporters who were asked to come at 10.30 a.m. were made to wait for nearly an hour for the monk parliamentarians to start the briefing — all because the cameras were late in coming. Given the sort of happenings in Parliament, it would be easier if electronic media institutions were asked to have their cameras standing by so that other journalists will not have to wait till they make an appearance.

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