TRI estate records highest yield in the western high growns
St Coombs Estate managed by the Tea Research Institute (TRI) of Sri Lanka has recorded the highest yield of 2527 kg per hectare in the western High Grown sector for 2005, the TRI said.

TRI said it believes this is the highest in the island under the large estate category. According to Jayantha Hulangamuwa, Manager, St Coombs Estate, this was due to better management practices and implementation of all recommended agricultural practices by the Institute.

Dr M T Ziyad Mohamed, Director, TRI added that this conveys a very clear message to the stakeholders about the importance of following TRI recommendations.

He added that this is the first time that St Coombs Estate has yielded more than 2500 kg per hectare whereas it was struggling to record 2000 kg/ha about four years ago. He added that, while achieving higher yields the estate was able to save about Rs 2.50 per kg on the cost of fertilizer, as a result of practicing site-specific fertilizer application, a new concept introduced to the industry by the Institute recently.

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