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‘Dedunu Wessa’: A shower of fresh faces to cinema
'Deduni Wessa', the debut attempt of young Buddika Jayaratne which will be released at CEL circuit cinemas this month, introduces a director and a lead actress to Sri Lankan cinema. While Buddhika a costume designer has turned director, Miss Sri Lanka Rozanne Diasz becomes a model turned actress in the lead.

Speaking to TV Times these two youngsters shared their experiences, challenges, strengths and future plans in their new chosen fields.
Rozanne Diasz, Miss Sri Lanka-2005 who was among the most beautiful women in the world claims though she joined cinema she would never run after characters and get in to nefarious activities like so many young actresses today.

TVT: What made you to say that?
Most of the young actresses today in their run up to make an appearance in celluloid get into lot of nefarious activities. I would never run behind directors or characters until I get the role that I really like and want to act.

TVT: What is your background?
Rozanne: I am not from a film background and none of my family members are in cinema except a number of friends I have. Yet this was not the first time that I was invited to cinema. There were several times I was approached but I was not satisfied with the roles offered. But the first time I saw Buddhika's script I thought I should take it up.

TVT: What are the challenges you faced in Dedunu Wessa?
Rozanne: The very first time when I was facing the camera I thought whether I was doing a mistake by coming to cinema. I had an image as a model but not as an actress. Besides everybody except me in the cast had faced camera earlier and I had to keep up to their standard. Coming as a model, I also had a doubt how I would be accepted by the world of cinema. But with the help of my cast and everybody in the technical crew soon I was able to overcome this inhibition and fear. They kept me comfortable through out the film.

TVT: Are you hoping to continue in cinema?
Rozanne: Of course if I get the characters I like. I have already been invited for two more movies in addition to a few teledramas I have signed.
Costume Designer to film Director
The young director Buddhika Jayaratne speaking to the TV Times said that his journey in cinema was so fast that when he joined as a costume designer he ended up as a director in a short period of five years.

TVT: Why did you want to do a film?
Buddhika: I was in the creative design field. I entered cinema as a costume designer being in the technical crew in 'Rosa Wasanthe'. And there I got an opportunity to act besides being behind the camera. Following that I got four films in which to act and there are four more films lined up to be released. Then I thought why don't I try on direction and to be frank it was this 'fever' that pushed me to do 'Dedunu Wessa'.

TVT: Wasn't it a challenge to be a director with veterans in the field?
Buddhika: At the beginning it was a real challenge. Specially when I first said 'Action' in the sequence played by Malani Fonseka I was a bit hesitant. But as time I was able to manage it. On the other had I known Malani Akka for a long time and though she was the queen in Sri Lankan cinema we never felt it because of her friendly and unassuming nature.
On the other hand she plays the shortest sequence in a film she had ever played but the whole film is made around that.

TVT: Are you hoping to continue to be a director?
Buddhika: I will continue directing and have planned to do a film every year. They will definitely be commercials and I have already got offers from two producers. Though the directors are confident even before the film is released I have decided not to continue with the same producer if I am unable to recover his money.

Dedunu Wessa will be released at CEL circuit cinemas including Regal Colombo and Lido Borella from January 20.


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