Funday Times

  • King Mugalan 111
    1. King Sanghatissa got disgusted of life, when he had to stoop down to the level of obtaining meals from the Mahapali Hall. He, with his son, took a small army and marched towards the Tissa rock, in the East, to fight an army of Cammander Mugalan.
  • The capital keeps shifting: a period of uncertainty
    Polonnaruwa had to be abandoned as the capital of the Sinhalese kingdom when Magha of Kalinga invaded the country.
  • A proposal for Kumari
    Paduma is teaching Yodaya to fetch a stick. He throws it towards the road; the puppy runs after it yapping excitedly, picks it up, and runs off. Paduma has to chase the animal round the house to recover the stick.

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