Funday Times

  • King Dathapabhuta
    1. When we refer to the 'Dhamma', as a relic you may take it to be something associated with the Lord Buddha. But here, it is not so. "Nikaya Sangrahaya' refers to this, as a book containing 'Vaithulya' Doctrine.
  • Moving on to Sri Lanka's second capital
    We move over from the Anuradhapura Gallery at the National Museum to the Polonnaruwa Era Gallery. Polonnaruwa, as you know, is the second capital of Sri Lanka.
  • Camouflage and Mimicry
    October 4, is "World Animal Day". So in honour of some of the beautiful creatures we share our planet with, we at the Funday Times decided that we would give you a little look into the way that animals in the wild survive. Just keep in mind two words: Camouflage and Mimicry.
  • Paduma and the bicycle race
    'Our Gamma will win for sure,' Mahi announces
    Gamma is Mahi's eighteen-year-old cousin Gamini, known to be the best cyclist in Wilgama.

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