Who will answer?
It was the 54th annual convention and much of the decorations and transport was of the state. First there were the CTB buses, which were used, in full force to transport party supporters. And then there were the floats, which were, constructed, courtesy of many a state-run institutions. The question is who will answer to these abuses of state funds for the benefit of a political party.

Profits used for political gain
In the state-run Rupavahini Corporation, the Chairman had released Rs. 350,000 for expenditure for the Convention. However, the employees are demanding their overdue mid-year bonus, which was not paid saying the Corporation was running at a loss. Insiders say the Corporation had made large profits but employees are getting nothing in return whereas money is being used by a few in the upper echelons, for political gain.

Important ones!
Cabinet spokesman announced some of the ‘important’ Cabinet decisions taken at last Wednesday’s meeting. What he announced were the important ones among 54 decisions taken that day. They included the growing of katuwelbatu in Anuradhapura and planting gliricidia for electricity generation.

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