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‘Samanala Thatu’ ready to fly away
The internationally award winning director Somaratne Dissanayake's latest film 'Samanala Thatu’ (Butterfly Wings) will be released on EAP circuit cinemas from September 1.

Dissanayake, who is acclaimed for his directions such as "Saroja" and "Suriya Arana" (Fire Fighters) has made his film revolving around a street family.
Sira is a ten year old son of a street family who make their living by singing and dancing on the streets. Though this was their only way of living Sira is not happy about following his father's profession of singing in the street. He has a physically disabled younger sister. Sira's father was afflicted with a heart disease for a long time but he ignores medical attention, since he cannot afford the expense and the time.

Dreaming of owning a bike one day Sira starts collecting money. After realising that he would never be able to collect the necessary amount by helping his parents, he seeks other ways of finding quick money, but falls more into trouble than, earning. He faces many dangerous incidents.
In one of these incidents he was sold to a foreigner, a paedophile. But he runs away from him with the money paid by the foreigner.

He returns home happily knowing that he has enough money to buy his dream bicycle, but finds that his father's condition has worsened and has been admitted to the hospital. Sira gives all the money to rescue his father but fails. Having no one else to takes up the challenge to look after the mother and the disabled sister Sira takes up the challenge to continue his father's job on entertaining people on the street.

The four main roles in Samanala Thatu are played by Dasun Madushanka, Suminda Sirisena, Duleeka Marapana, Dulanjali Ariyathillake. The technical team comprised Lal Harendranath as (art director), Ravindra Guruge as editor and Rohana Weerasinghe as the music director. Produced by Renuka Balasooriya, Samanala Thatu is scripted and directed by Somaratne Dissanayake.


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