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‘Thotupola’ for Eco Adventure
For the villagers, whose life style was influenced by the quiet flowing river nearby. Thotupola signified the beginning of their journey and the culmination to reach the destination.

Situated in Delthara, Piliyandala overlooking the Bolgoda Lake, Thotupola Eco Adventure Hub signifies the ultimate tranquility and quiet servitude which one yearns to escape to from the chaotic urban environment. Built on the dreams of a village lad whose tender years, were spent in the wilderness of Mahiyangana.

Wild Holidays (Pvt.) Ltd. a pioneer in the Eco Adventure Tourism in Sri Lanka offers the discerning tourist a haven of quietitude, which blends with the tranquility which takes the cares away leaving one at peace with nature.
Thotupola Eco Adventure Hub is situated by the Bolgoda Lake containing brackish water, marshes and seasonally flooded grasslands, consisting, isolated medium sized trees interspersed with paddy fields within the coastal plains of the wet zone in the southern territory of the Colombo District. Just 28km south of Colombo in the tranquil surroundings, this out of the ordinary Holiday resort blends with nature where one could forget the chaotic routine in the city life and be at complete peace with the quiet and salubrious environment charm.

Picturesque landscape and awe inspiring expanse of clear lakes are closer than you think where you can actually hear the sound of silence. Bereft of cosy hotel atmosphere, it is a trek to nature where the visitor is not confined to the artificial walls and tapestry, where one blends spontaneously to be a part of the greater picture that is the environment.

The key to a happy holiday is to relax, pace yourself and stay safe paddle or canoe through the marshes, watch for birds, enter the main estuary of the Bolgoda Lake, and return to Thotupola a veritable Shan-gri-la where you are at peace with nature and the environment. You can change the routine by taking a dip in the pool, or just bird watching leaving your cares away. The visitor could muse alone, or take part in activities that focus on theme of moment to moment living where realization of interdependence with nature is ever so predominant.

Situated 0.2 metres below mean sea level, the area receives an annual rainfall of 1.08 x 1.09 annually, with an average temperature of 21° - 32° Celsius. North lake with an extent 300 hectares is a haven for a wide variety around 45 species of fish of which four are endemic Amphibians around 16 species of which four are endemic Lizards, Skinks, Geckos pond Terrapin, Star Tortoise, Soft Shell Turtles, Swamp and estuarine Crocodiles which make their appearance occasionally are a dream come true for any nature lover, where 97 different verieties of birds frequent which includes three endemic varieties.
Floating and submerged water plants are found in plenty where there is a rare mixture of mangroves Fresh Water Swamps and hydrophytes. Common plants found in the vicinity are Nipa Fruticans, Pandanus, Syzyguin and milastoma.
For the leisure loving visitor Deluxe Eco Lodges situated in the Apex floors of the twin Towers (resembling a light house) gives the ideal setting for relaxation. They boast of well-lit and compact sitting areas, spacious bedrooms, and open-terrace rendering an aroma of fresh-air, and provide a magnificent and spectacular view of Bolgoda Lake, and its rich natural surroundings. Facilities include air conditioning and fans, attached bath with WC.

Superior Eco Lodges situated just below the Delux Lodges of the twin-towers, are facilitated by well-knit and compact sittings ares, spacious bed rooms, co-sharing open terrace providing a clear view of Bolgoda lake and its rich natural surroundings. It is facilitated with air conditioning and fans and WC.

Theme nights/Live Band/Animation Shows, Magic Shows are arranged on request with BBQ, Camp Fire and Floating Dinner Tables by the Lagoon. Special Family BBQs can also be organized with prior arrangements and bookings.
Bird watching, Mountain Biking, Kayaking and Canoeing Expeditions, Night Fishing, River Expeditions and Island Hopping are some of the variety of activities afforded to the visitor, while soft Adventure Activities such as Aerial Rope, Toddy Tapper, Slithering Rope, Tower Reppelling and Tree Climbing are very popular with the young and those young at heart. Naturalists and Ex-Servicemen are at their service to facilitate this out of the ordinary experience.

According to Major Vijitha Welikala, Chairman Wild Holidays, Ex Commando Eco Adventure enthusiast, Thotupola is one of the dreams come true, where the urban population could experience the diversities of nature without traveling long distances towards the village and the forests and get back to their busy environs within the space of one or two hours.

Thotupola has now gained currency among not only the casual visitors but also the corporate clients who get the staff members to experience the values of team work and interdependence with the environment.


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