J-Biz concerned over deteriorating security
The brutal assassination of Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar again confirms lapses in security in the country by failing to provide efficient security to a personality who has been clearly identified as a target for assassination for a considerable period of time, the Joint Business Forum or J-Biz said.

In a statement it said it was not only the number of security personnel that matters but efficient intelligence in the country’s security system. “It is in this situation that J-Biz reiterates its appeals to the government to take necessary steps to arrest the deteriorating security situation,” the statement said.
It said serious concerns have been expressed regarding the deterioration of order and enforcement of law resulting in all areas of life in the country including economic and social activities being affected.

Day-to-day life is disrupted due to serious breakdown of order and the inability of the law enforcing authorities to perform their duties without fear or favour. J-Biz said the recent events reported in the media threatening peace and stability is of grave concern. The avenues open to contain this situation should be actively pursued.

“If this tensed situation continues we foresee adverse effects on economic growth and consequently the ability to deal with eradicating poverty. The country should maintain at least a growth rate of 8% GDP on a regular basis to make an impact on alleviation of poverty.

Therefore, J-Biz considers that it is time for the main political parties in the country to agree on a common framework in the areas for development and progress of Sri Lanka: Enforcement of law, Peace and stability and Eradication of poverty through a common agenda for economic development It said the late Mr Kadirgamar was internationally and nationally considered a person of immense value to the people of Sri Lanka. He was instrumental in effectively contributing towards a sound foreign policy and strong foreign relation in Sri Lanka. J-Biz condemned the assassination.

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