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Fete de la Masique 2005
By D.B. Kappagoda
Fete de La Musique this year will be held at the Galle Face Hotel on June 17 from 7.00pm with a dance presented by Ravibandu Vidyapathi as a tribute to Deshamanya Chitrasena.

Chitrasena, the maestro in dancing has taken the traditional dance from a ritual background to the modern stage. Thereby creating dance theatre popularly known as ballet which was totally unknown to theatregoers. The leading traditional dancers will honour the pioneer in ballet dancing who introduced innovative style while retaining the traditional identity.

The presentation of dances orchestrated by Ravibandu Vidyapathi includes Magul Bera Chanting, Gajaga (Vannam dancing), Thelme (Low country dancing), Jana Gee, Ves (Kandyan dancing), Bheri Vrunda (drum orchestra).

The contribution of Chitrasena in promoting Sri Lankan ballet is unique when he innovated a style from traditional dance forms which was not in existence before he embarked on his career as a professional dancer. What Chitrasena did was to make dance into a pure rhythm. He transformed the ritual dancing into modern dance form with his knowledge and training which he imbibed from dancers from India and Sri Lanka. His "Nirthanjali" and "Karadiya" are examples of his highlights of his dancing career spanning over 50 years.

The rhythmic movements of the body and facial expressions in his dancing had a superb theatre sense. The fast moving .... of the traditional dancing of Kandyan, Sabaragamuwa and Low Country are described as "dance forms subtly scintillating gems of theatre".

Chitrasena richly deserves the honour that will be bestowed on him at the forthcoming Fete de La Musique. The other segment of the day's event will be the classical Music Concert by the French Duo Stephanie Carpenter (violinist) and Frank Labiste (flutist).

The French music duo will perform an original programme composed by some great masters of western classical music ranging from Bach to Bizet. The composition by Bach will open the show. It's in solo violin. Bach as the father of Western music had laid the foundation with his compositions.

The duo then will perform Les Caprices de Paganini where the flute will take the lead. The composition had been written especially for the violin. This transcription has been the original work by Franck Labiste. The Sonata by G.F. Haendel will be followed.

The concert will continue with W.A. Mozart with The Magic Flute and finally G. Bizet's most staged opera, "Carmen" the love story between an army officer and a maid.

The music duo - Stephanie Carpenter has the experience of playing in the Sorbonne Orchestra from 1992 to 1993 directed by Grimbert and participated in festival of operaltas at Lamalou Les Bains. She presently conducts violin and piano. Lessons and also in charge of the musical section of Saint - Martin de France School.

Frank Labiste on the other hand is the Director General and Artistic Director of the Festival of Myons. He is acclaimed as a flutist of high quality. His presentations were well received by the music lovers and his passion and desire is to share his as a flutist of rare calibre.


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